Pause. Give yourself space.
Let yourself breathe.

gestures is an invitation to reconnect with yourself and with nature.


My name is Holley. I am a certified aromatherapist and the creator of gestures. I have always felt most alive when in nature. Plant medicine and holistic practices were a foundational part of my upbringing (my mother is a flower essence practitioner). While living in New York City, in order to remind myself and others of our kinship with nature, I decided to create gestures

With digital overstimulation and the addictive pull of social media, we are becoming more and more detached from nature and from ourselves. Scrolling and screen time are robbing us of the sacredness found in stillness. Many of us need to break free from virtual reality and step back into reality, disconnect from the outer distractions and reconnect with our inner selves.

The word “gesture” implies movement and expression. By harnessing the aromatic power of plants, essential oils provide a fragrant pathway back into ourselves. As we tune into our inner landscapes, we can better tune into the present moment, one another, and all that surrounds us. gestures essential oil based products can help bridge this transition.

protect mother earth 

Protecting and preserving our planet is of the utmost importance. gestures strives to produce the least amount of waste through recycling and reuse. All glass bottles are sourced directly from Brooklyn, all labels and booklets are created from hand-made paper and sustainably sourced natural dyes, all cotton pouches are hand-dyed using the extra dye water from making the paper, and all shipment packaging is 100% recyclable.