smelling salts

gestures smelling salts are a natural alternative to traditional smelling salts. Instead of using harsh ammonia, gestures smelling salts pair Himalayan salt with synergistically blended essential oils. Rather than jolting you, gestures smelling salts help gently ease you back into the present moment.

Deep breathing proves to have many health benefits. Inhaling Himalayan salt can provide detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial benefits. Inhaling essential oils directly affects your limbic system (the emotional processing center of your brain). The limbic system is crucial in the balance of our moods and our stress response. Combining the art of breathing, Himalayan salt, and essential oils, healing can begin to take place on multiple levels.


Naturally derived from the roots, leaves, flowers, and seeds of plants, essential oils have multiple healing properties that work with your body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils can help aid and enhance self-healing and overall well-being. When we feel anxious or ungrounded our bodies go into reaction mode. Stress is the root of many health problems and essential oils have the ability to lessen our stress response and ease ourselves back into balance.